Mike Says

Build your own compost box

Mike says... "Do your bit for the environment and your garden by recycling your kitchen waste and lawn clippings". Let Mike take you through the step by steps of building your own compost box. Mike made it now you can make it too. You can also download the full version in PDF.

Step 1
Clamp an offcut of timber on your bench as a stop to keep your planks straight, then position six of the planks against the stop and screw and glue two of the 600 x 22 x 45mm planks flush with the edge; remember to drill pilot holes.

Step 2
Make the sides in the same way but only use one 600 x 22 x 45mm plank to hold it together and space it 2mm (the door thickness) away from the edge; place a piece of plank between the stop and the support to get the distance. Remember to make a left and a right side.

Step 3
Apply glue to the side and join it to the back. I made pocket holes with the Kreg Jig but you can crew from the outside and fill the holes. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4
Now attach a top and bottom support to the front (between the side struts); I used pocket holes, but you can drill from the outside and fix with a longer screw.

Step 5
Cut the door planks slightly shorter so it can open and close easily. Make the door the same as the sides but make sure the door supports are not going to touch any part of the box when it’s closed. Fix the door on using the hinges.

Step 6
The lid will be wider than all the other panels due to the thickness of the timber; you will have to make the lid panel with seven pieces and trim the two sides accordingly. Once again, check that your supports aren’t going to interfere with the inside of the box. I bent my hinges 90° in the vice to make assembly easier.

Step 7
Attach the handle.