Mike Says

Build your own planter box

Mike says... "Display your favourite blooms on the balcony or in the garden and create a clever storage space for your gardening tools." Its an easy step by step technique to functional style; you can download the full PDF file for Mike's DIY planter box. Mike made it, now you can too.

Step 1
Assemble the first frame with two of the 300mm pieces inside two of the 320mm pieces using glue and screws.
TIP Always use a pilot drill bit to avoid splitting the wood when inserting screws.

Step 2
Fix another two 300mm pieces inside the first frame (40mm side flush with the frame), an equal distance apart, for your shelf and pot support. You will need to make two of these frames.

Step 3
Stand the two frames on their sides with the supports in a horizontal position (shelf support pieces both facing upwards) and glue and screw the 390mm pieces inside as the uprights.
NOTE We left a 10mm overlap at the bottom to make ‘legs’ which allow for air circulation.

Step 4
To make screwing easier, clad your shelf before you close the sides; place glue on the frame as well as in the grooves of the pine.

Step 5
Before you cut all the side cladding, check your measurements: the cladding must extend to the height of the pot you are using and at the base it must be flush with the 10mm ‘legs’; nail these parts on using the pin tacks.

Step 6
When constructing the door, make sure the two door supports are not going to interfere with any part of the frame before applying glue and screws.

Step 7
Screw the hinge to the side first.
TIP It’s a good idea to use a small pilot drill or nail to prevent the wood cracking.

Step 8
Lay the door in position and mark where the holes for the hinges should be. Then remove the door, pilot drill the holes and screw together.

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