Mike Made This attends its third Decorex

This year saw the Mike Made This (MMT) team attend its 3rd Decorex - a great show indeed!

The MMT stand, which followed a ‘steampunk’ look and feel - a subgenre of science fiction and sometimes fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery –, received fantastic feedback.

“Mike always makes an extra effort to showcase something original and uniquely MMT,” said Beth Cook, brand ambassador for MMT. “This year’s theme was inspired by many of the pieces that Mike makes from reclaimed materials, each of which has their own story.”

Included on the stand’s display of inspired pieces from reclaimed material was a solid wood table built from reclaimed 1955 Oregon Pine floorboards that belonged to an old Premeir Foods factory. Other statement pieces included a side unit built from a vintage Frances Baret motorcycle, affectionately known as a Fanny B, which drew a lot of attention from the passing crowd. Also in the mix of vintage, reclaimed pieces was an eye-catching coffee table made from a reclaimed industrial extractor fan from an early 1900’s factory.

The latter two pieces were once-offs for the show and found their way into new homes.

The stand was well-received by both Decorex and the public, and deserving of the Excellence Award from the Decorex team. “An interesting wall display”, “Uncluttered stand”, and “Some very unique pieces,” was just some of the feedback that Mike received from Decorex’s executive team and judges. “A truly inspiring and amazing stand. Loved the creative thought in all the pieces,” said Dinesh Diar, a member of the public.

Also featured within Decorex portfolio were the finalists in the exciting initiative between MMT and the Design School Southern Africa. MMT by Design, a competition that allowed design students to design a workplace or writing desk, saw two finalists having their pieces manufactured by Mike. The two desks were displayed on a separate stand downstairs in the 100% Design Hall, an international show which saw many established and acclaimed designers and design companies showcasing their articles.

As part of the initiative, the public were invited to vote for the winning desk during the course of the show. It was a great success with over 650 entries received. Sinelle van Rooyen, student designer and finalist in the competition came in first place with Christiaan Schutte as a close runner up. Both students received a cash prize from Mike and will be partaking in a 40-hour internship in his factory.

“The competition offered students the opportunity to engage in vital hands-on, practical knowledge of furniture design and created a wonderful platform for the students to make a name for themselves,” explains Maretha Olivier, Interior Design Programme Manager at DSSA.

Both designs will be put into production by the team at MMT, who will be partnering with various retailers on the project.

Mike Mason, Director and Founder of Mike Made This believes that attending the show adds real value to the brand, “The show was a great success for both MMT and the students involved in MMT by Design and the team is looking forward to another unique showcase in 2016.” 

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