Mike Says

Set a new benchmark

Mike says... "Create a trendy design element in your backyard – and impress your friends – by building your own gabion bench." Mike Made it, now you can make it too. Follow the step by step guide below or downlaod the full PDF file.

Step 1
Cut your mesh on the outside of the blocks using a grinder; you don’t need to use a tape measure, just count the squares. Be sure to use gloves and safety glasses, and sand all sharp edges using the flap disc.

Step 2
Start by attaching two of the sides using a short piece of wire twisted together with pliers; it will
now stand by itself. Attach the other two sides and the base but not the top.

Step 3
Now cut one square down and two squares back (this is where the timber will sit) off one side.

Step 4
Attach the 350 x 100mm piece and the 350 x 50mm piece in the space you’ve cut out. You can now attach the top, but only on one side as you still need to have access. Make two of these mesh cages.

Step 5
Lay your planks down with the steel flat bar on top to mark the position of the holes; make sure the gaps are even. Mark the centre of each plank then transfer that mark onto the steel, and drill the steel to 10mm.

Step 6
Drill the planks with a 10mm pilot drillbit first.

Step 7
After sanding and painting the planks, place them on the mesh frame in the recess you’ve cut out. Then push your bolts through the holes and place the steel flat under the mesh and secure with nuts and washers.

Step 8
Take the completed bench to its location and fill the mesh cages with rocks, then secure the tops in position with wire.

Open/View: 14HWERF DIY garden bench