Mike Says

Shelf Life

Mike says... "Create a neat ’n tidy storage shelf for your garden or home with a striking combination of wood and metal." Follow the easy steps below or download the full PDF instructions. Mike made it, now you can make it too.

Step 1
Start by drilling the end caps: using a sharp pencil, mark the centre of the caps. Secure the cap in a vice and begin with a 3mm drill bit then change to the 6mm drill bit.

Step 2
Using a spirit level, mark the wall where the top two end caps will be and drill holes for the Rawlbolts. Secure the end caps to the wall with the Rawlbolts. Make two shelf supports by joining three stand pipes with two elbows in-between. Turn the top pipe of each support into an end cap.

Step 3
Mark the bottom two caps and drill and fix them with Rawlbolts as for the top end caps, but leave them a little bit loose as you will need a bit of leeway when you turn the end cap into the bottom pipe. Now install the shelves.

Open/View: 0314H DIY shelf